Pharmacy Reports is an open-access journal publishing peer-reviewed research in the pharmacy field, covering topics in pharmaceutics, biomedicine, pharmaceutical chemistry, bioinformatics, natural product, pharmacology and toxicology, and clinical pharmacy.

Pharmacy Reports invites you to submit papers, covering topics in:

  • pharmaceutics: pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery system
  • biomedicine: molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, biotechnology
  • pharmaceutical chemistry: analytical chemistry, 
  • medicinal chemistry: drug design, drug synthesis, pharmacochemistry, bioinformatic
  • natural product: fractionation, isolation, purification and elucidation
  • pharmacology and toxicology: pharmacokinetics, toxicology
  • clinical pharmacy: therapeutic drug monitoring, adverse drug reaction, drug interaction
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • pharmacy education
  • community service related to pharmacy

 All submitted papers must not be previously published and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. 

Papers may be submitted as:

  • research articles
  • reviews
  • commentaries
  • letters
  • research note

Why publish with us?

  • We will give the effort to publish your work by reviewing your article to meet the standard publication, improve the illustration, English editing/proofread even translating if you submit in Bahasa Indonesia. 
  • Fast. You will get notification within 3 days if your manuscript will continue to peer-review process or not.
  • Constructive review. Reviewers are happy to guide you to write the paper until meets the publication standard.